Sean Conway breaks world record: 105 consecutive days of completing a Long Distance

Sean Conway (Picture: Twitter)

The goal was to break James ‘Iron Cowboy’ Lawrence’s record by completing a Long Distance (3.8 – 180 – 42.2) for a minimum of 102 days in a row, but after meeting that goal a few days ago, Sean Conway continued with a couple Long Distances more. He didn’t know about stopping and he has already completed 105 full triathlons in as many days. This morning he ended his adventure after all and with that the record stands at 105.

Last year Conway’s attempt failed; then he had to retire ‘already’ after seven Long Distances because of an injury. That was not the case this year, because since April he has completed a Long Distance every day without interruption. His day started on average at 5 o’clock in the morning and then follows a long swim, long bike ride and long final run.

After completing 102 Long Distances, he quite unexpectedly completed another Long Distance the next two days. To determine if another 105th followed, Conway tossed a coin. The 105th has been completed yesterday. This morning Conway stopped his attempt and so there will be no 106th Long Distance for him.