Trevor Foley and Giorgia Priarone triumph at Ironman 70.3 Maine

Giorgia Priarone takes the day at Ironman 70.3 Maine (Archive picture: Instagram Priarone)

American Trevor Foley has just won Ironman 70.3 Maine. He did so in a lightning-fast time of 3:33:58. In the women’s race, the win went to the also very fast Giorgia Priarone; the Italian finished in a time of 4:11:24.

After Foley came out of the water 2:13 minutes behind the leader and in fifteenth positon, he began a lightning-fast catch-up race on the bike. After only 35 kilometers, he had already caught up with the race leader, Italian Gregory Barnaby, and had even taken over the lead in the race. Foley was by far the fastest biker of the day and consequently saw his lead increase. With a lead of more than three minutes over Barnaby, he started the closing half marathon, while Nicolas Gilbert, Justin Metzler and Hunter Lussi followed at over seven minutes.

Things didn’t get any more exciting during the run; Foley was so strong that he quickly grabbed a few extra minutes of lead. In the final kilometers, his lead eventually remained virtually the same, to win in a time of 3:33:58. Barnaby finished second at 5:18 minutes behind and Metzler third at 11:13 minutes.

Priarone shows dominance

In the women’s race, Priarone also had time to make up after the swim. She came out of the water in seventh place and faced a 42-second deficit at that point. As in the men’s race, Priarone quickly made up that deficit during the bike and within 15 kilometers she was already in the lead of the race. She kept pushing very strong and returned to T2 with a lead of almost three minutes over Rebecca Yunginger.

Priarone’s victory was not in danger during the half marathon either: she claimed it in a time of 4:11:24. American Amy Cymerman finished second at 5:27 minutes behind and the also American Nicole Falcaro third at 6:45 minutes behind.