Deadly swim IM Cork: Ironman explains different story than Triathlon Ireland

Ironman Cork tragedy

While last weekend two athletes died during the swim of Ironman Cork, Ironman and Triathlon Ireland – the Irish triathlon federation – are now in conclave with each other over what actually happened. According to Triathlon Ireland, officials from the federation had indicated before the start of the race that the swim should be canceled due to stormy conditions, but Ironman now strongly denies that.

General Manager Darren Coombes spoke out on behalf of Triathlon Ireland the day before yesterday, revealing that Triathlon Ireland’s officials had not given permission for the swim even before the start of the race already, but that Ironman allowed the race to go ahead despite this. According to Ironman, officials did indeed indicate that the swim should not take place, but this would not have been done before the start, but remarkably only a few hours after.

“Ironman works in collaboration with National Federations around the world as we organize over 150 Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events annually. As such, federation representatives were present during the event and performed their duties. Several hours after the swim was completed, they communicated to the onsite Ironman Ireland officials that they would not approve the sanctioning for the event.”

Ironman also let it be known that weather conditions were closely monitored all weekend – which is why, for example, the race was already postponed for a day and the swim of 140.6 was shortened – and that all safety protocols were followed.