[VIDEO] Alice Betto after horror crash with Nicole van der Kaay: ‘I’m so sorry, it was an accident’

Nicole van der Kaay crashes (Picture; Triathlon Today)

Anyone watching the SLT Toulouse women’s race yesterday will have been shocked by the heavy crash of Alice Betto and Nicole van der Kaay. The teammates collided and the footage does not lie: Betto appears to throw a shove, causing Van der Kaay to lose her balance and crashing full into the fences. Watch the (intense) footage below:

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Afterwards, Betto got quite a lot of negative comments pretty quickly, claiming she would have done the push on purpose. However, that was not the case and even Van der Kaay, who fortunately came away from the crash unscathed, said afterwards that it was an accident. Below is the reaction of Betto, who was visibly upset after the crash.