French men dominate exciting Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya, Nathan Grayel wins

Nathan Grayel sprints to Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya victory (Picture: Instagram Grayel / yaggyshoots)

The differences in international races over the Sprint Distance are actually almost always small, but at the Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya the differences were very small. The top seventeen finished within thirty seconds of each other. The podium was all French and the win went to Nathan Grayel.

When the winner, Grayel that is, crossed the finish line, the clock showed 52:26 minutes. Grayel ran his final five kilometers under 15 minutes (14:59), deciding the race in his favor. His compatriot Louis Vitiello came in second, posting the exact same finish time. The also French Antoine Duval finished third and crossed the finish line only three seconds after the winner.

Also in the women’s race the differences were small, but the winner had just a little more margin. Germany’s Julia Bröcker won the Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya in a time of 58:43, giving her seven seconds to spare before Britain’s Tilly Anema crossed the finish line in second place. The bronze medal was for Switzerland’s Rebecca Beti; she finished third in 59:02.

Julia Bröcker wins Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya (Picture: Instagram Bröcker / yaggyshoots)