Patrick Lange after fourth place IM Cascais: ‘Hard-earned lesson learned’

Patrick Lange before Ironman Cascais start (Picture: Activ'Images / Jacky Everaerdt

Patrick Lange did not have his best day yesterday at Ironman Cascais. Due to a mistake, he missed T2 and thus lost precious minutes. He ended up finishing fourth in the race which was won by Pieter Heemeryck and is now looking back on his mistake.

“A hard-earned lesson learned. The race was going well until it wasn’t. Due to a lack of focus, I missed the entry to T2 at the end of the bike course and took a detour through the 70.3 Transition, costing me about 5-6 minutes. An absolute nightmare situation, but as I said, I take full responsibility for the mistake, and I think I’m my harshest critic in that situation. Really disappointing, especially as I believe I had positioned myself well with the ride and was ready to give it my all on the run. In the end, I’m proud of not giving up and fighting through even when I thought I might call it a day. My team, especially Julia Lange, kept me in the race, and right now, I’m just grateful to have had her, Carlo and Jens around to support me. It was a really tough day, but that won’t overshadow the fact that 2023 was a very good and successful year! Off-season now.