Personal vendetta Rudy von Berg and Sam Laidlow reaches low point: doping allegations, Sam Laidlow full on defense

Sam Laidlow taking the win at Challenge London (Picture: CF)

Sam Laidlow and Rudy von Berg: they are not and will not become friends. The personal vendetta between the two athletes does reach a particularly sad low point, after not only Von Berg, but also his parents accuse world champion Laidlow – without any proof – of using doping. Of course, Laidlow now defends himself in a very emotional post on socials.

“I am being attacked and I am ready to go to war for the sport I love so dearly. Some frustrated humans have accused me of cheating the sport. And I will not let it be. I have poured my heart and soul into my performances and my recent World Title. I know who I am and I am willing to expose all my past medical exams and blood passport. I have NEVER asked for a TUE in my life and I have never even touched ‘the grey zone’ that some athletes maybe do. No drugs. No Needles. No hormones. Nothing.

See full post below, in which Laidlow also tells who are his enemies for now and always, including the family Von Berg.