Eyes on Paris 2024: Gwen Jorgensen wins World Triathlon Cup Tongyeong

Gwen Jorgensen wins World Triathlon Cup Tongyeong (Picture: World Triathlon)

After recently winning the World Triathlon Cup Valencia and World Triathlon Cup Karlovy Vary, Gwen Jorgensen has now also won the World Triathlon Cup Tongyeong in South Korea. The American former Olympic champion thus shows she is in super shape and has a serious claim to a ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Those Olympics hang like a red rag to a bull in front of Jorgensen’s eyes. Just a few days ago, she even announced that she was adjusting her race schedule slightly to be able to achieve better results that way. That paid off immediately, as at the World Triathlon Cup Tongyeong, Jorgensen won the Sprint Distance race in a time of 58:16. Japan’s Yuko Takahashi was second in 58:20 and Czech Tereza Zimovyanova was third in 58:23.

In the men’s race, there was an all-European podium in South Korea. German Tim Hellwig won the race in 50:25, staying ahead of Portuguese Ricardo Batista (50:29) and Briton Samuel Dickinson (50:33), among others.