Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum to Host 2024 Challenge Asia-Pacific Championship

Challenge Gunsang-Saemangeum (picture: press release)

The Republic of Korea will host the 2024 Challenge Asia Pacific Championship over the 226km distance on 2 June as part of the long-standing Challenge Guansan-Saemangeum.

Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum was a sell-out in 2023 with athletes from around the globe keen to ride the world’s longest seawall with its unique eco-environment and spectacular scenery. The Asia Pacific Championship edition in 2024 will see qualification slots for The Championship doubled from top six to top 12 in each age group and also the professional prize purse increased to US$43,000.

“As the country’s only long distance triathlon, Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum will provide athletes with a unique opportunity to race over some of Korea’s triathlon-perfect terrain with the added prestige of taking part in the Asia Pacific Championship,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “The course really couldn’t be better suited for an event of this calibre with its sheltered swim and fast, smooth and closed roads plus great crowd support.

Reigning Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum men’s champion, Caleb Noble, said hosting the Asia Pacific Championship was testament to the quality of the event. “It’s very exciting to hear the Asia Pac champs will be in Gunsan, Korea for 2024,” he said. “As the defending champion from this year’s event it really showed the effort James and the Challenge Korea crew really put into this year’s event with catering for their athletes. The course is fast and flat with its smooth roads with the possibility of strong coastal winds along the 180km bike course to mix it up before hitting the fast and flat and hot run course for laps. It’s a great atmosphere with plenty of cheers along the way.”

“Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum is all about the athlete. The warm Korean hospitality, the stunning course including the 180km bike course on the  brand new four-lane highway completely closed to traffic, spectacular scenery, full support from local government and a unique location all combine to create a memorable race experience with athletes coming back again and again to race,” said Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum race director, James Lee. “The run course along the world’s longest seawall is also closed to all traffic so athletes don’t have to worry about anything other than focusing to beat their limits.”