Scottish ultrarunner goes by car during race and is suspended for one year

(Stock image: Pixabay)

She is a phenomenon within the scene of ultrarunning and achieved wonderful things, but Joasia Zakrzewski’s name has now come under a huge blemish. The Scottish ultra runner has been suspended for a year for taking the car for a few kilometers during an ultra marathon from Manchester to Liverpool.

Zakrzewski crossed the finish line in third place during the run over more than eighty kilometers in April, but after detailed examination of her GPS data, it was revealed that she had been in a car for four kilometers and achieved an average speed of fifty kilometers per hour. After the British Athletics Association confronted her with the results, Zakrzewski admitted cheating.

Zakrzweski is no stranger within the world of ultrarunning. She stood on the podium several times at the 100km World Championships ultra marathon, and earlier this year she broke the world record by running 411 kilometers during a 48-hour ultramarathon in Taiwan.