[VIDEO] Marten van Riel’s bizarre heat workout

Marten van Riel prepares for IM 70.3 Fortaleza (Picture: Triathlon Today)

Next week Marten van Riel will compete in Ironman 70.3 Fortaleza and needless to say most likely it will be hot in Brazil. The Belgian top athlete is therefore preparing by means of a very specific heat training and that is bizarre to see. He does not train in a heat chamber, but has converted his own paincave into a similar situation.

Although; Van Riel does that mainly by changing himself. You have to see it to believe it: Van Riel wears thermal underwear, extra clothing, a paper overall ánd a hat to train on his indoor bike: 1 hour of warm-up, 6×3 minutes of 360 watts and then 1 hour of ‘sweatfest’ with three layers of clothing.