World-famous Transcontinental Race announces 2024 course

Transcontinental Race (Picture: Facebook Netwerk Geraardsbergen)

With a start at the world-famous Roubaix cycling track – known, of course, for the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic – the 2024 start of the Transcontinental Race is an actually already historic one. From France, participants will pass through Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Turkey, among others. The finish is in Istanbul.

The organizers of the illustrious bike ride, in which participants travel completely self-supported thousands of kilometers and thousands of altimeters to get from checkpoint to checkpoint and finally to the finish line, announced the route this weekend. Registration for the event opens Dec. 1.

The Transcontinental Race is both famous and infamous. The route is different every year, but each year around four thousand kilometers and always extremely challenging. Participants thus complete the route completely self-supported and are therefore completely on their own for thousands of kilometers. Along the way they check off a number of checkpoints – at least if they want to make it to the finish – in order to eventually arrive at their final destination within the time limit. The Transcontinental Race has a high percentage of dropouts every year. Participants decide for themselves how they set up their balance between cycling and resting.