Chinese company lets employees run for bonus rising to monthly salary

(Stock image: Pixabay)

Vitality is a great thing and as an employer it is important that your employees are as happy and healthy as possible. Chinese paper company ‘Guangdong Dongpo Paper’ is all too aware of this, as it recently started offering bonuses to its employees based on running kilometers. The more kilometers, the higher the bonus, sometimes amounting to more than an extra month’s salary.

In fact, employees can receive a double monthly salary every month if they run – and the average triathlete will not be shocked by the distance – fifty kilometers per month. Running forty kilometers a month follows a sixty percent bonus, and if they run thirty kilometers a month, employees get a thirty percent bonus. Big guns might try to tap the 100 kilometers per month, because then a 130 percent bonus awaits.

Employees’ progress is monitored via an app on their phones. It’s also allowed to cover the distance walking, but bonuses are slightly lower then. In China, the policy of encouraging employees to exercise more is met with mixed reception.