Dutch entrepreneur develops wooden race bike

Wooden race bike (Picture: Korner Wood Bikes)

The best and most expensive carbon frames: it is impossible to imagine the cycling and triathlon world without them. Yet it can be done differently, as entrepreneur Sjors ten Have proves. After all, the Dutchman develops – and sells – wooden racing bikes himself, and fair’s fair: they look pretty cool.

His bikes are a bit special – or at least different – of course. Ten Have builds the bikes himself with his company ‘Korner Wood Bikes’. The budding entrepreneur from Enschede recently cycled himself to Austria on one of these wooden bikes, fully packed, so the bikes can handle quite a bit and are made of ash wood.

According to Ten Have, his bikes are just as strong as carbon variants and the wood also has a vibration-damping effect. More information and/or images via his website.