European Championship Xterra to Prachatice, Czech Republic

Xterra European Championship Belgium (Picture: Facebook Xterra Belgium)

The Xterra European Championship will take place next year – on Aug. 9, 2024 – in Prachatice, Czech Republic. This year, the European Championships took place in Belgium for the first time, but it’s not a big surprise next year’s location will be different: Xterra previously expressed its ambition to rotate major championships between various locations as much as possible.

In recent years, the European Championships have taken place in Germany, Denmark, England, Italy, Austria, Belgium and also the Czech Republic, among others. Xterra Czech, where the European Championships will be held next year, is one of the oldest events on the Xterra calendar, with a history of more than 20 years. The European Championship consists of 1,500 meters of swimming, 33 kilometers of mountain biking and 10 kilometers of running.

Jan Bauer, Mayor of Prachatice, said “Xterra Czech is not just a race; it’s a catalyst that brings our community together, energizes our businesses, and enriches our cultural fabric.

“Each year, we see an incredible impact, and hosting the European Championship is a great honour for us. We eagerly await to welcome athletes and visitors from around the world to experience the unique charm of Prachatice.”

This year’s Xterra European Championship was won by Felix Forissier and Loanne Duvoisin.