Female triathletes big earners 2023 as they outclass male colleagues

Anne Haug wins PTO European Open (Picture: Triathlon Today)

The best female triathletes earned very well in 2023, significantly outperforming their male counterparts: at least when looking at the top five big earners, because in it we find only one man with Kristian Blummenfelt. Leading the ‘big earners’ list is Anne Haug, who earned a whopping $335,788.

Of that amount, she earned $250,000 at the PTO races, $65,000 at Ironman races, nearly $18,000 at Challenge Family races and another $3,000 at Ironman 70.3 races. Within the top five we also see Kristian Blummenfelt ($325,775), Ashleigh Gentle ($323,821), Taylor Knibb ($281,700) and Lucy Charles-Barclay ($246,750).

Below is a summary of the top twenty, compiled by trirating.com.