Running remains most popular activity among Garmin users, multisport grows with almost 20 percent

The Garmin Forerunner is very popular among triathletes. (Picture: Garmin)

As it does every year, Garmin has presented its “Garmin Fitness Report” – this time, of course, covering 2023 – containing data based on the activities millions of users logged over the year on their Garmin sports watch. The main finding is that running remains by far the most popular activity, with a notable increase in runners running their kilometers not on the road anymore, but on track. Multisport is also doing well, with a hefty growth of nearly twenty percent. In cycling, the Gravel (+45%) and eBike (+62% on road and +49% off road) segments are notable for tremendous growth.

Multisport is an activity profile primarily logged by triathletes, but it is also used for duathlon, aquathlon and other sports. Multisport activity among Garmin users experienced 19% growth. That does not make it the fastest growing sports activity: tennis, for example, was practiced a whopping 76 percent more than the previous year. Climbing, esports and horseback riding are also on the rise. But the most popular activity thus still remains running, with a few notable increases.

Outdoor running experienced the smallest growth, at only five percent. Running on track in particular increased in 2023: a whopping 76 percent. Indoor running and running on a treadmill experienced a growth of about 15 percent, and trail running also continued to grow by 11 percent.