World Record attempt: Scottish teen wants to run every day for more than half a century

Seb Jellema (Picture: Claire Jellema)

He is only 11 years old, but Scot Seb Jellema already has big dreams: he wants to run every day for 52 years and 39 days in order to beat Ron Hill’s world record. Hill is currently the person who has run at least 1.6 kilometers in a row for the longest time – every day.

Hill stopped his “streak” in 2017 and was 78 years old at the time. Because Jellema started so young – early last year – he may therefore also stop at a younger age. Of course, Jellema will still have to continue running for a particularly long time, because his world record attempt will not be a success until 2075, when he reaches the age of 62. “I started 16 years earlier, so I hope it is possible to improve the record,” Jellema informed the BBC. “I have a dream.”

Among other things, Jellema already ran a 24-kilometer run. During a ski vacation in the Alps, he also did not let that stop him and ran up and down the mountains. To improve the record, at least 1.6 kilometers must be run every day.