Virtual shifting in new Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One

Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One (press release)

Zwift and Wahoo Fitness have continued their collaboration with the new Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One. According to Zwift, the new bike trainer… ‘delivers near-universal compatibility with 8- to 12-speed bikes, thanks to the pre-installed Zwift Cog and Virtual Shifting via the included Zwift Click.’

The new Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One replaces the Zwift Hub One. This was unveiled in October 2023 and introduced the proposition of virtual shifting (previously available via higher end smart bikes).

The new collaborative Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One product is picking up the reigns on virtual shifting – helping indoor cyclists to enjoy shifting with minimised lag and chain skips, even when shifting under load. Virtual shifting also minimises noise from a bike’s physical drivetrain.’

Zwift added that… ‘Almost any 8- to 12-speed bike now has the potential to unlock the virtual world of Zwift. Riders can immerse themselves in Zwift’s virtual terrain, feeling every gradient change as they explore new roads and gain fitness while riding with a global community.’

Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One is ready to ride from the box, making it easier to get started on Zwift. Incorporating Zwift Click and Cog, users can change gears silently, and 24 virtual gears are available for cyclists to take on virtual climbs on Zwift.