The Brutal Extreme Triathlon disappears: ‘I have had to face up to the reality’

Brutal Extreme Triathlon (Picture: Triathlon Today)

For triathletes who like to go extreme, there is bad news: one of the leading Extreme Triathlons – the British Brutal Extreme Triathlon – is disappearing from the calendar after this year. The race in north Wales is known as a leaden extreme triathlon, but is proving not financially viable enough to continue after 2024.

More events from the same organization are stopping, according to a stricken message from organizer ‘Brutal Events’. “This year will be the last year for Brutal Events. Holding races such high costs and dwindling entry numbers has become impossible for me. I have tried very, very hard to keep the company going, but I have had to face up to reality that the numbers do not work anymore.”