Alistair Brownlee after PTO T100 Miami: ‘It was brutal’

Alistair Brownlee struggles in the last meters of the PTO T100 Miami (Picture: PTO / Instagram Brownlee)

It was tough, very tough even: that’s how Alistair Brownlee describes the PTO T100 race that took place in Miami last Saturday. The Brit Brownlee led for a long time during the run and seemed to be heading for a stunning victory, until he was caught by the heat, eventually got parked in the final kilometers and dropped to a (still strong) fifth place.

Brownlee was therefore quite pleased afterwards. “A promising race for the season ahead. Actually felt really good on swim, bike and first bit of run. Then just got way too hot, it was absolutely brutal – pleased to hold on for 5th all things considered.

“At least I know what I need to work on and can now hopefully prepare well for Singapore (where the next T100 takes place, ed.). Loved racing on the speedway and a massive well done to the podium.”

With his fifth-place finish, Brownlee surprised friend and foe alike. After experiencing a mediocre season last year and canceling many races he was entered for last-minute due to injury, few people were still taking into account a Brownlee capable of greatest performances.