PTO struggles to get women racing: 12 (!) wildcards for PTO T100 Singapore

Sara Perez Sala just a minute before the PTO T100 Miami start (Picture: PTO Instagram)

After already a very deep wildcards rolldown for the PTO T100 race in Miami – which took place last week – to fill up the women’s race, it is even worse for the upcoming race in Singapore. Right now, out of only 20 race spots, as many as 12 are available for women who are allowed to start by wildcard.

Of course that means that only eight of the 20 contracted women will start at the PTO T100 in Singapore, which takes place on the weekend of April 13-14. At the time of writing, the PTO has approached several female athletes with the message that they have been shortlisted and are allowed to start with a wildcard.

After Miami, the PTO already received quite a bit of criticism about the fact that the women’s pro field did not reflect ‘the twenty strongest athletes in the world’, with which the PTO stages its T100 series.