Another setback for WTCS: Montreal canceled, organization doesn’t get enough public funding

Archive picture WTCS Montreal (World Triathlon)

This year’s WTCS season seems plagued by setbacks; after WTCS Abu Dhabi, the season opener, was cancelled a few weeks back due to severe weather, now WTCS Montreal is crossing a line. That race was not supposed to take place until the end of this season, but the organization is not getting enough public funders on board and is now forced to pull the plug on the race.

According to the organization, the budget planning cannot be completed and it is too great a risk to continue without the necessary funders. Those funders normally guarantee about seventy percent of the budget.

The WTCS series would consist of six races this year, as it always does: Abu Dhabi, Yokohama, Cagliari, Hamburg, Montreal and the Grand Final in Torremolinos. Abu Dhabi was already cancelled and World Triathlon previously announced that it would not organize another WTCS in stead of that race. It’s not sure if World Triathlon will replace Montreal with another WTCS.