Ironman adds Ottawa to race calendar, full distance in Canada’s Capital City

Ironman Canada-Ottawa

Ironman announced today that Canada’s Capital city of Ottawa will become the newest location to host an Ironman, beginning in 2025. The Full Distance IM event will make its debut in front of Canada’s Parliament on Sunday, Aug. 3, 2025.
“We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Ottawa and bring Ironman Canada-Ottawa, one of our most historic race franchises, to the Canadian Capital,” said Keats McGonigal, Vice President, North America Operations for The IM Group. “Ottawa offers the quintessential Canadian race environment with a plethora of outdoor activities, great weather and a mosaic of culture all nestled at the very seat of government. Ironman Canada has played a prominent role in the history of Ironman and will continue with the expansion to Ottawa. We are enthusiastic and excited to see what futures hold here in Ottawa, Ontario.”
“I am thrilled to welcome the Ironman Canada competition to Ottawa,” said Mark Sutcliffe, Mayor of the City of Ottawa. “I love this city and so will you. There are so many triathletes in Ottawa. And it’s an absolutely stunning and beautiful place to swim, bike and run. It’s also the perfect location for outdoor adventures and world class events, especially an event as prestigious as Ironman Canada. Ottawa is a great place for this amazing competition. Everyone from athletes to families, friends and fans will have an amazing race experience here. I look forward to seeing everyone here in August 2025.”
The 2025 Ironman Canada-Ottawa triathlon will begin with a 3.8km (2.4-mile) two-loop swim in the Ottawa River from Britannia Beach and Park. From there athletes will embark on a 2.75 loop bike course using the completely closed parkways that pass through the city of Ottawa made available by the National Capital Commission. Once through the 180km bike course, the athletes will transition to the run in the downtown core of Ottawa and start their marathon from the base of Parliament Hill. The two-loop course will utilize some of the same completely closed parkways the bike used but extended beyond those areas once again to trace along the Rideau Canal and the streets in front of Parliament. Athletes will enjoy a truly urban setting with a healthy dose of scenery along the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal.