Luke Willian supreme at World Triathlon Cup Wollongong

Luke Willian wins World Triathlon Cup Wollongong (Archive picture: World Triathlon)

There was a lead group of ten during the swim and bike, but during the run Luke Willian proved supreme: the Australian just won the World Triathlon Cup Wollongong in his own country.

It was Chilean Diego Moya who came out of the water first with a time of 8:17 minutes, but then on the bike he was joined by Tayler Reid, Jamie Riddle, Jonas Schomburg, David Martin, Martin Demuth, Lachlan Jones, Stefan Zachaus, Gregor Payet and also Luke Willian, forming a leading group of ten.

An even much larger group rallied behind this lead group of ten, but failed to close their ten-second gap. On the rather tough bike course, the lead of the breakaway actually increased and once back in T2, it had increased to already 35 seconds.

During that run, there appeared to be no holding back for Willian, who actually grabbed a lead pretty quickly and also didn’t give anyone a chance to get any closer. In the end he won the race in 52:52 and 24 seconds later Riddle finished second. He had to sprint for it, because Moya finished third in exactly the same time. Reid suffered a 10-second time penalty during the run and ultimately missed the podium by just one second.