Tilda Mansson sprints to victory World Triathlon Cup Wollongong

Tilda Mansson wins World Triathlon Cup Wollongong (archive picture: World Triathlon)

Sweden’s Tilda Mansson has just won the World Triathlon Cup Wollongong. It took a final sprint in Australia to decide that, but so Mansson proved the strongest there to ultimately claim victory.

The Sprint Distance race was plagued by poor weather conditions; considerable rain made the bike leg difficult, and so it was ultimately a large group that headed towards T2 with each other. That happened after earlier Emma Jeffcoat set the swim pace and caused several women to fail to connect at the start of the bike leg, but in the end, many of those women thus ended up joining the lead group.

That large leading group then began to run at the same time and there it was the Dutch Rachel Klamer – seen by many in advance as the favorite – who began to set most of the pace. In the end, some eight women remained at the front, but no matter how much Klamer accelerated; she did not manage to run away from Tilda Mansson, Maria Carolina Velasques Soto and Ainsley Thorpe. In that order the three women eventually defeated the Dutch Klamer in an exciting final sprint, thus sealing the podium.