Most likely shortened swim for PTO T100 Singapore

Lucy Charles-Barclay in the heat of Singapore (Picture: PTO Instagram)

The decision has not yet been finalized, but it seems likely that both the women and men competing in the PTO T100 in Singapore on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, will swim less than only half the original distance. In fact, it appears that due to the high water temperature, the PTO will decide to shorten the swim leg from 2 kilometers to 950 meters.

This is confirmed by several sources who are on-site. At the time of writing, the water temperature in Singapore is as high as 31.5 degrees. Some rain is still expected to fall in Singapore, which will bring the water temperature down somewhat, but enough for a normal swim distance probably won’t.

Originally, the PTO T100 races consist of 2 kilometers of swimming, 80 kilometers of biking and 18 kilometers of running. Yesterday, Frederic Funk already warned about the tough conditions in Singapore.