Frederic Funk nervous about Singapore’s heat: ‘The one who doesn’t collapse’

Frederic Funk fears the heat in Singapore (Picture: Triathlon Today)

This Sunday, Frederic Funk will compete in the PTO T100 in Singapore, and for the German this will also mean his first race of the season. Biggest fear: the heat.

Funk – a true specialist on the Middle Distance and probably thus also on the slightly shorter T100-distance – is seen as one of the favorites for victory, but immediately tempers expectations. “Its my first race of the season, so no pressure. I’m not yet feeling fresh, but hopefully on Sunday.”

According to Funk, the heat is going to play a big role in the outcome of the race. “I’ve nerves less about the race, but more about surviving in the heat. I think if you manage to do that well, then it’s already going to be a good race automatically. Being the one who doesn’t collapse.”