Gustav Iden: ‘Kinda scared when I see how far it is back to the top level’

Gustav Iden at IM 70.3 Warsaw (Picture: Instagram Iden)

Gustav Iden is working very hard on his comeback to the very top, but the Norwegian athlete and former World Champion is having an anything but easy time of it. Just last week he finished fourth at Ironman 70.3 Warsaw, and there Iden came to a conclusion as clear as it was confrontational: “I’m kinda scared when I see how far it is back to the top level.”

Ironman 70.3 Warsaw was won by Casper Stornes, Dutchman Jorik van Egdom finished second and Kacper Stepniak finished third. Iden competed for the podium spots for a long time, but during the half marathon he did not have enough pace to actually finish among the top three. “Grateful to reach the finish line here. Need to remember that this was the longest run I’ve ran since my injury, and from my training base the performance was actually quite good. Thank you for all the support coming back to racing after a really, really tough year.”