3 Triathlon medal events and 110 competitors at the 2024 Olympics

(Picture: World Triathlon / Tommy Zaferes)

While everyone is looking forward to the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year, the International Olympic Committee Executive Board (IOC) has approved the event programme and athlete quotas for the 2024 Games in Paris. Just like the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo, there will be three medal triathlon events in Paris, with a total of 110 competitors.

World Triathlon will likely be disappointed because it had hoped to add more medal events and athletes to the mix.

“World Triathlon had requested that the IOC include two more medal events, as well as increasing the athlete quota, as we strongly believe that triathlon can have an even greater presence in the Olympics but, after many discussions with the IOC Sport department, we understand that this move was just not feasible right now, with most sports reducing the number of athletes that will compete in Paris,” says World Triathlon President and IOC Member, Marisol Casado.

For the Olympic Games Paris 2024 there is a men’s, women’s and mixed team relay race scheduled.