Brother saves French Duathlon Champion who suffers brain hemorrhage during run

(Picture: Stephane Valenti)

Stephane Valenti, the 2005 French duathlon champion before turning his sights to athletics, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage during a run session last week. Luckily his brother was cycling next to him and noticed the situation was serious and immediately called in emergency services. Valenti was quickly taken to the hospital is recovering there now.

“Thanks for all the messages. Enjoy life. I can tell you now that I have understood this in the most literal sense…”

Valenti is well known as a duathlete, but also took the French National cross-country running in 2019.

“It was determined that I had a cerebral hemorrhage phase 2. Luckily my brother was with me on the bike,” Valenti said from the hospital. “I was lucky on several levels: that my brother immediately realized that it was serious, that we were in an easy place to reach, that the emergency services worked quickly and well thanks to an experienced emergency doctor, and that I ended up in good hands in the hospital.”

Now comes a period of recovery for Valenti. “I have to stay in the hospital for at least three weeks. I suffer a lot from headaches and I have also undergone neurosurgery. The doctors haven’t found any aneurysm yet, so further research is being done to find out what may have been the cause.”