Thursday, 08 Jun, 2023
Gomez and Nikic. (Picture: Instagram Nikic)

Five-time World Champion Javier Gomez visits Chris Nikic

Gomez and Nikic. (Picture: Instagram Nikic)
Gomez and Nikic. (Picture: Instagram Nikic)

We know that Chris Nikic is a very special athlete. We also know that Javier Gomez is special as well: after all, the Spaniard is a five-time winner of the ITU world championships, not to mention two 70.3 world titles and the Xterra world championship. After competing at the PTO 2020 Championship, he visited Chris Nikic with his wife and fellow athlete Anneke Jenkins for a training session.

“Javier and Anneke came to my house for a visit and training session. Life is amazing, nothing left to say. Javier is one amazing dude. Thank you for visiting. Is ironman training worth it? Oh yeah. Javier accepted my ‘1% Better’ challenge to help someone like me get better,” Nikic wrote on his Instagram.

Gomez responded: “You are a legend Chris. Thank you and your family for having us, it was great to meet you and do some training together.”



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