Impressive feats by triathletes in 2020: Richard Murray and Kristian Blummenfelt rip through fast 5k runs

Kristian Blummenfelt leads at the 2019 Grand Final in Lausanne. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

Olympic triathlete hopefuls Richard Murray and Kristian Blummenfelt used a slow 2020 race season to fine tune their running skills for a postponed Olympic Games. The South African Murray kicked off the sub 14 minute 5k pursuit around his training roads in the Netherlands clocking a PB of 13:37.

Up next on the sub 14 minute journey was Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt who clocked a 13:51 at an unofficial road race in his home of Norway. The 2019 ITU Grand Final winner, who ran a quick 30:46 10 kilometer run to win in Lausanne last year, cemented his speed this year with the sub-14 minute effort.

The speed of both athletes is astonishing when you take into account a sub-14 minute 5 kilometer effort requires 2:48 kilometers.

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