Italy welcomes new extreme triathlon: EagleXman

Just before the sun rises on July 31, 2021, athletes will get started on an extremely difficult Long Distance race in Italy’s Lake Campotosto – the inaugural EagleXman extreme triathlon. With over 6,000 m of climbing, “extreme” is the right word to describe this epic event that featues the classic full-distances.

Athletes start their day with a 3.8 km swim in Lake Campotosto in Italy’s L’Aquila province. The 180 km bike features 4,344 m of climbing and takes participants past some scenic mountain views within the National Parks including Gran Sasso and Laga. The final part of the race – the marathon – features another 1,962 m of climbing. The finish of this heroic event is located on the top of the Campo Imperatore next to the cable car station. Registration for the EagleXman is now open with early bird discounts.

Bike course elevation level.