Pushing watts with a purpose: bike generates electricity for households

Pushing watts with a purpose: bike generates electricity for households. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

Electricity too expensive and too little time to work out? The Hans Free Electric bike – solves both problems! While the watts you usually produce on your bike have no purpose, besides maybe impressing people on Strava, the bike built by India’s Manoj Bhargava uses the power it generates to make electricity. Worldwide 1.3 billion people – over 16 percent of the population – live in extreme poverty and without electricity. This revolutionary bike could provide millions of homes with electricity, Bhargava said in an interview with Thinking Humanity.

Cycling for about one hour on Bhargava’s bike could provide enough electricity for one day for one household. The developer plans to distribute 10,000 of his Electric – battery equipped – bicycles in India. It’s not the first aid initiative Bhargava has organized. The Princeton University dropout is also trying to make seawater drinkable, provide unlimited amounts of geothermal energy through a graphene cable and boost body circulation.

“If you have wealth, it is your duty to help those who do not have it,” Bhargava told Thinking Humanity. “Make a difference in people’s lives. Don’t just talk about it.”

To make this bike available to many households, the price needs to be low. “It’s so simple that we think we can make it for $100. A bicycle repairman can customize it anywhere,” said Bhargava. Before handing out all 10,000 bikes in the first quarter of 2021, 50 bikes will be tested in fifteen or twenty villages.