Sebastian Kienle “getting naked” on social media: “Nothing, nothing out of the norm”

(Picture: Instagram Kienle)

After dropping during the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona, Sebastian Kienle was a bit worried about a serious injury. Luckily for the German Ironman world champ, though, his injury seems to be coming around, based on one of his social media posts.

“Influencers getting naked on social media….hold my beer.”

“What do we see here? Nothing, nothing out of the norm. After my left leg went completely numb on the bike at Challenge Daytona – I’ve had these symptoms before, but not as severe – I was afraid I might have endofibrosis,” Kienle wrote.

“One of the hardest tasks in professional sports is to listen very closely to your body and, at the same time, ignore all the warning signs,” he continued. “To be able to differentiate between “severe injury” and “at the limit, but totally fine” is not always that easy. I went both ways a couple of times, but balanced it pretty ok most of the times. If you’re in doubt better get it checked out.”

One of Kienle’s followers then asked if he is OK.

“From an endovascular standpoint – yes. Maybe it was just a pinched nerve, I don’t know. But sometimes a problem occurs once, you don’t know why and it never comes back. The problem sometimes really becomes a problem when the patient starts to study the Internet.”