Toronto runner expresses frustration with winter

(Photo: Strava Matt Reid)

Not all athletes are fond of winter. Matt Reid definitely belongs to the group of people that prefer summer, or so it would seem after seeing one of his latest Strava creations. A few months ago the Toronto man started drawing objects through his elaborate running routes. The new hobby keeps him motivated to run and also forces him to cover more kilometers, he told BlogTo.

Sometimes his creations end up being more challenging than expected, and that is exactly what happened when Reid expressed his frustration with the arrival of winter a few weeks ago. The runner even had to call an Uber to get home as he was too tired after running 12.11 kilometers in one hour 34 minutes.

“At a certain point, it’s no longer about the exercise. It’s about trying to finish this goddamn image. If you make a wrong turn you have to redo it, then, by the end of the day, you’re running like twice as long as you’re actually thinking,” Reid said.

Reid’s dislike of winter grew partly because of his new hobby. Since Toronto is known for challenging winters with lots of snow, it became a lot harder for the Reid to do his runs.