British Triathlon shares lockdown “guidelines” for triathletes

British Triathlon shares new lockdown "guidelines" for triathletes. (Photo: Hans Braxmeier, Pixabay)

In a press release British Triathlon responded to the announcement of several lockdowns throughout England, Wales and Scotland over the next few weeks.

“The UK and devolved governments have announced a number of lockdown restrictions across the country which has changed the way our sport can operate,” British Triathlon stated. The governing body shared a summary of all the expected changes for triathletes and local clubs. They also mentioned to work together with partners to get a better understanding of what kind of training, despite the restrictions, is still allowed for triathletes.

So far, British Triathlon indicates, people will be allowed to leave their houses for exercise, as long as they are alone and actually working out, once every day. Traveling outside their local area is restricted. Both indoor and outdoor gyms or sport facilities remain closed. Kids are no longer exempt for these measures. Organized outdoor sports activities for disabled people, on the other hand, will continue.

“Level 4” lockdown in Scotland

For those living in mainland Scotland, the rules are stricter. “Level 4” is active and that means a “Stay at Home” order is in place as of Jan. 4, 2021. This means people are required to stay at home, except for essential purposes. The Scottish islands are in “Level 3” restrictions, which means they can still follow the above guidelines from British Triathlon.