Arizona Senator and triathlete Krysten Sinema “Safe” Amidst Riots on Capitol Hill


A polarizing event occurred in the United States of America today when pro-Trump protesters turned violent and stormed Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Amidst the chaos, the Electoral College vote count was suspended as senators and members of the house were evacuated from the Capitol. Proceedings have since continued to certify the election of Joe Biden.

Sinema’s twitter message was well received by triathletes around the world. She’s an accomplished ultramarathoner, Boston Marathon qualifier and full-distance triathlon finisher. In 2019 the American politician cracked the 12 hour mark at Ironman Arizona, besting her previous attempts at the full distance by hours. Earlier in the pandemic Sinema helped secure masks and PPE for firefighters in Arizona. through her work with the Ironman Foundation and Ironaid, which secured over 14,000 pieces for the front line workers.

In addition to her busy life as a politician, Sinnema is the chair of the Women for Tri board, an organization that works to “encourage other females to embrace the sport of triathlon.”

This evening Sinema sent out this tweet, thanking “law enforcement and first responders who risked their own safety for others.”