Exciting men’s race Tauranga Half, women’s race dominated by Teresa Adam

Half distance races that end in small differences and thus exciting finishes are no exception. However, it doesn’t often get as exciting as during the New Zealand Tauranga Half: Kyle Smith, Braden Currie and Jack Moody – all New Zealand athletes – finished within just over half a minute of each other.

In the end it was Smith who was the strongest and crossed the finish line first with a finishing time of 3:49:43hr. He didn’t have much leeway, because Currie, thanks to a running time of 1:13:46hr, ran almost four minutes faster than the eventual winner and thus approached him by ten seconds: with a final time of 3:39:53hr Currie came in second. Moody ran even harder than Currie, needed only 1:10:53hr for his concluding half marathon and thus claimed, thanks to a finishing time of 3:40:19hr, the bronze.

In the women’s race it was a little bit less exciting: Teresa Adam was up front almost right away from start, made the biggest difference on the bike and was then able to run to victory: she claimed the gold in a time of 3:57:01hr. Hannah Wells claimed silver with a finishing time of 4:01:46hr and far behind her Rebecca Clarke took the bronze medal after 4:15:14hr.