New “Peak Zwift” with 37,569 users worldwide

New 'Peak Zwift' with 37,569 users worldwide. (Photo: Zwift)

Usually about half-way through January – generally on a Tuesday – Zwift registers a peak in active riders – what Zwift refers to as the “Peak Zwift.” During last year’s crazy coronavirus year, numbers were highly affected by different lockdowns throughout the world. That meant the “Zwift Peak” from early 2020 was topped later that year. On Apr. 5, to be exact, when Zwift reached a Zwift Peak of 34,940 active users. The record would stand for nine months before yesterday’s start of the Tour de Zwift, where it was surpassed.

The first Stage of this virtual Tour motivated 15,000 people to jump on their bike for a ride. At 17:36 am (GMT), 36 minutes after the Tour started, a Zwift user took a screenshot that showed 37,569 people using the app. According to Zwift this is possibly the first time in history that a “Peak Zwift” occurred on a Monday. So far there are no figures for today, but we could very well see yesterday’s peak topped again.