Dylan McNeice says goodbye to pro-life: “It really is the people that make our sport”

Dylan McNeice claims victory at Challenge Wanaka. (Picture: Facebook Dylan McNeice)

The decision to end their career is a difficult one for many professionals. New Zealand’s Dylan McNeice announced on social media that he has decided to retire. The three-time champion of Challenge Wanaka and Challenge Taiwan says he had decided he didn’t want to be a pro a while ago.

“In November 2019 I went for a ride and hated every moment of it. I knew that day that my time had come to call it a day and, once I got home, I told Annabelle that the 2020 NZ summer of racing would be my last as a professional. Come the end of March 2020 the world was a different place and there were bigger things going on than me retiring (understatement of the century!) and decided to postpone making an announcement. I’ve thought about it everyday since and now here I finally am. I have felt almost every emotion there is to feel and experienced so much doing this sport that I could write a novel in this post, but for now I’ll keep it short. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of my career. It really is the people that make our sport and to have met so many of you is something I am truly grateful for. It is all of you that I look forward to seeing at the races as I start my descent (well and truly started already) in to the realm of EX-pro athlete. Wishing and hoping for a 2021 where we can all get back to doing what we love. Over and out.”

McNeice will certainly maintain his connection to the sport for a while – he is an “Officer of the Board” with the Professional Triathletes Organisation – and serves as the Secretary.