Renee Kiley: “It’s never too late to become what you might have been”

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On Instagram Australian professional Renee Kiley quotes George Eliot: “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” From there the she offers some advice: “Whether it be losing weight, changing a career path, ending a relationship or starting a new business, here are some of my tips to remember when you are going through a period of significant change.” On Instagram, Kiley, who’s journey to the pro ranks saw her lose 42 kg, shared an inspirational transformation photo of herself, and offered ten personal tips for dealing with changes in your life.

From smoker to top triathlete

Kiley grew up as an active child, but gave up on sports when she started studying and, later, working. At one point Kiley even smoked a package of cigarettes a day, didn’t exercise, and gained weight. At her heaviest the Aussie weighed 104 kg, at which point she realized it was time for change.

What started with some laps in the pool and short rides on the bike in 2014 grew to participating in triathlons. Kiley turned out to be talented, and quickly improved, qualifying for Kona as an age grouper and eventually became a professional triathlete. With a third place at Ironman Cairns (Sept., 2020) and a fifth-place finish at the Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast (Sept., 2020) Kiley has shown she’s done much more than just embrace a healthy lifestyle.

10 tips

“With one small step, one decision, we can completely change the course of our lives,” she says. “You may not know how in the beginning, but it will become clear over time. And trust me, it will be worth it.”

  • Expect things to be very difficult for a month, sometimes more. It is normal to feel like giving up sometimes. Setbacks and failure are what build resilience. The important thing is to keep getting back up and trying again.
  • Set a short term goal and vocalize it. Hold yourself accountable. Tell someone.
  • Have routine and structure. Every single day.
  • Love yourself enough to be hard on yourself when required. Ditch the excuses.
  • Expect to be anxious, nervous and scared. Getting out of your comfort zone is very uncomfortable.
  • Remember, no one really cares what you are doing, if you make a mistake, or what you look like. We think others are judging us more than they really are.
  • Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people and take a break from those who don’t support you.
  • Be prepared to work hard. There is no magic bullet or shortcut for anything that is worth having in life.
  • In the difficult times, always maintain perspective. It probably doesn’t hurt as badly as the person who is terminally ill and in pain every day, or we’re probably not as stressed as the parents that can’t afford to feed their children.
  • Long term goals are overrated and overwhelming. They lead to procrastination and fear. In the beginning, just focus on what’s in front of you.
  • Life is too short to settle. To simply “exist.” To be content not reaching our full potential. To have more sad than happy days.
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