Runner attacks world record half marathon barefoot on snow

Runner attacks world record half marathon barefoot on snow. (Photo: Screenshot Sevald YouTube)

“After a boring COVID-19 year I was really lacking inspiration, I couldn’t find it anywhere, but then I stumbled upon this book: Born to Run. This book is about minimalist running, and it really inspired me to try barefoot running,” says Youtube vlogger Sevald. While barefoot running is a challenge in and of itself, it gets even tougher when you live in Norway and decide to do it in the middle of winter. Sevald didn’t let that stop him and gave it a shot with a 5 km test run at first.

“When I got started, it actually didn’t feel that bad. To run barefoot was no problem at all,” Sevald concluded after a test round through the snow. “I was ready for a bigger challenge.” When looking online the runner saw that the world record for running a half marathon on snow is held by Wim Hof (2:16:34). “My goal is not only to beat that record, I want to smash it! My goal is doing it in one hour and 15 minutes”.

Sevald documented his entire run: