Cyclocross athlete Tom Pidcock also runs (very) fast: 5 km in 13 minutes, Kienle and Wurf impressed

With a time of 13:25 minutes over 5 kilometers, Tom Pidcock, a top British cyclocross competitor and road cyclist for Ineos, showed yesterday that he also has particularly strong running legs. “This morning I went out to try break the 15 min 5k, I did a 13.25. Apparently this is very quick.”

And quick he is: Pidcock’s time is just seven seconds slower than the fastest European time ever run. Of course, it should be noted that Pidcock plotted the course himself and relies on Strava for his finishing time, so the exact accuracy cannot be completely guaranteed. But, there’s no doubt that Pidcock can run very fast, something that got the attention of Cameron Wurf and Sebastian Kienle as well. The latter was quick to respond: “It seems that every sport is your sport.”