UCI bans “super tuck,” Sebastian Kienle and Cameron Wurf not amused

UCI bans 'super tuck', Sebastian Kienle and Cameron Wurf not amused. (Photo: Instagram Sebastian Kienle)

Much to the dismay of many cyclists, the UCI decided this week to ban the “super tuck” – a position in which athletes sit on the top tube to gain an aerodynamic advantage. While it’s questionable whether it’s too dangerous for professional cyclists – there haven’t been any crashes due to the “super tuck” – the UCI decided to ban it to prevent amateur cyclists from imitating this rather risky move.

It’s not clear whether the super tuck will be forbidden in triathlons as well,  but Sebastian Kienle and Cameron Wurf already have spoken out about the new rule. Both triathletes are not amused that UCI decided to forbid it.

“The #supertuck is safe,” reads Kienle’s Instagram caption under a photo of himself in Zwift. While we doubt the ‘super tuck’ will get you into trouble in a virtual world, Kienle also believes it shouldn’t be banned on the road. “#savethetuck,” he adds to the message.

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As a pro cyclist as well as a pro triathlete, Wurf – who races for Team Ineos – will definitely have to deal with this new rule. “Flashback to a time before all the “cool kids” were doing it… I’ve always admired the usefulness and versatility of the super-tuck/pedal position,” he wrote under a video of himself riding in a peloton. “Don’t try this at home,” the commentator warns people. 

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