Lucy Charles-Barclay on racing Challenge Miami: “Definitely some rustiness”

(Photo: Challenge Family)

Just over a week ago we got to see Lucy Charles-Barclay race at Challenge Miami. The race favorite seemed to have some trouble getting back into the rhythm of racing and had to recover from both a penalty and a crash heading into T2 (she was fine). Charles didn’t manage to stay with Jodie Stimpson on the run and had to settle for second place. She talks about her preparation, the days leading up to the race, the race itself and, of course, those terrible two minutes in the penalty tent.

“I’ve only ever had two penalties in my life, so I didn’t know that you’re not allowed to do anything in the penalty tent. So I basically grabbed everything in transition, ran up to the penalty tent, thought I could do everything there… [but] you’re not allowed to put your shoes on in there, which I was told when I got there. So I had to go back out to put my shoes on.”

Overall Charles-Barclay looks back on a nice race: “I had one of my best runs. Overall definitely some takeaways, definitely some rustiness, but mostly positives to take away from the race itself.”