Ironman announces big Kona news, athletes disappointed by title sponsor update

(Photo: Christoph Hönigschmid, Pixabay)

It seemed like Ironman was about to share some important news regarding the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii through Facebook Live, but people who went online to watch the announcement were disappointed to hear that Ironman “only” introduced a new title sponsor: Supersapiens. The company is behind new technology that enables people to constantly track glucose levels in their blood. Unfortunately for Ironman, the excitement around the announcement wasn’t great, as people were expected updates about the current situation concerning Covid-19 and the possible consequences for Kona.

Many negative comments appeared under the video once it became clear that this was all that Ironman had to share. “You missed April 1st,” read one of the comments. “This was definitely not worth it,” read another. “Dates? Location? Is it actually happening?” asked another user – who still seems to hope that there will be more updates about Ironman.