Lucy Charles on her journey to Olympic Trials 1,500 m: “I generally believe in the power of cross-training”

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

Last weekend Lucy Charles made a short comeback to swimming when she swam at the British Olympic Trials 1,500 m. And she did really well, claiming an impressive runner-up finish just a finger length behind the winner, Leah Crisp. The triathlete, who was an elite swimmer until 2013, takes us along on her journey towards this interesting “experiment,” talking about all details of her training and general preparation.

“I’ve found that easy speed again, which I had lost,” Charles says about her swimming. “The progress has been really, really good. I still managed to do some run and bike. But the volume of that has really dropped down to allow me to do enough swimming and make sure that I get this a good attempt. Obviously I’m a triathlete, and I’m going into a swimming race. But I generally believe in the power of cross-training, and I think that is what’s going to set me up well in this race,” she said before the event.