Europe Triathlon (Junior) Cup Caorle round up: Csongor Lehmann and Lena Meißner win elite race

(Photo: Facebook Europe Triathlon)

Hungary’s Csongor Lehmann and Germany’s Lena Meißner showed they are in great shape at the Europe Triathlon Cup yesterday in Caorle, Italy. Lehmann earned his gold medal thanks to a very strong run that saw him move up through the field. Meißner, on the other hand, was already in front of the race after the swim, stayed in the front pack on the bike and completed her race by running to first place.

Lehmann wasn’t the only man to earn his podium spot on the run. Italy’s Michele Sarzilla and France’s Tom Richard ended up with medals thanks to a strong run too. Sarzilla took second – three seconds behind Lehmann – and Richard finished in third place (+0:08).

In the women’s race Meißner had a tough battle with France’s Lea Coninx, who finished in second place only one second behind Meißner. They raced together from start to finish. After the swim there was only two seconds separating the two. The exact same goes for the bike. On the run Meißner was just slightly faster. The third podium spot was taken by France’s Emma Lombardi (+0:06).

Europe Triathlon Junior Cup

After the semi-finals yesterday, the Europe Triathlon Junior Cup finals took place today. It was Italy’s Euan de Nigro who claimed a gold medal in the men’s race and the Dutch Barbara de Koning who won the women’s race.

In the men’s race De Nigro lost a lot of time during the swim. After that first discipline he was 12 seconds behind the first man – Mitch Kolkman (NED). On the bike De Nigro started to move up, but he really made a difference on the run thanks to the fastest split in the field. He was six seconds faster in this last discipline than Germany’s Jan Bader, who finished in second (+0:04) and ran the second-fastest time of the day. Italy’s Miguel Espuna Larramona completed the podium (+0:10).

De Koning was in sixth place after the swim and managed to stay in front during the bike leg, which she finished with the second-fastest time of the day. It gave her a comfortable advantage on the run. She was able to outrun Italy’s Myral Greco, who finished second (+0:07). The third place went to Luxembourg’s Mara Krombach (+0:17).